Take Back Your Driveway!

Find room for your largest vehicles in our secure facility

The Perfect Home for Boats & RVs

Havasu Boat Storage is built specifically to house your favorite recreational vehicles!

Don’t settle for an afterthought - our facility was built for vehicle storage, and it shows. 

We offer three separate types of boat storage and RV storage: outdoor uncovered, covered, and fully enclosed storage. Choose from the tier that best fits your needs and budget!

Located on London Bridge Road, we’re right by Lake Havasu and the Colorado River, so weekend boaters can get their vehicle and get on the water fast! 

Our facility is constantly watched by surveillance cameras, we have a sturdy fence to keep out passers-by, and our security access gate ensures we always know who is on the property! 

Get started renting today to see how we can help you store your favorite boat, RV, or camper.

RV Storage and Boat Storage Types

Choose from three tiers of protection and price

Outdoor, Uncovered Storage

Wallet-friendly and secure! These spaces are the most affordable but are still protected by all the security features of our facility.

Covered Outdoor Storage

A good middle ground, these units have a canopy that keeps the sun and rain off your vehicle, preserving its paint and its value over time.

Fully-Enclosed Storage

If you’re storing your favorite vehicle and favorite pastime, upgrade to our fully enclosed storage spaces. These offer the best protection against the elements and other dangers.